Marketing to the max as Felix jumps from the edge of space

Sure, what else would you be doing on a Sunday night but watch a man jump from the edge of space?

I looked at my Facebook newsfeed which had been scattered with updates about a man jump live on youtube from outer space. So I clicked on a link and was directed to the Red Bull Stratos channel where sure enough, I was watching a man go up in space in a seemingly minuscule pod. 

There were about 1.5 million others glued to the action, when he actually jumped it had reached over 8 million. It was fascinating to be part of that online community, we were all witnessing the moment together. Somehow sharing in our understanding that the jump was the true definition of "awesome" and "stupid" combined. 

I hardly need to mention his name now, because Felix Baumgartner has indeed reached new heights of fame by his actions. His visor was fogging up and there were questions about whether or not he would have enough oxygen to get down. The commentator even went so far as to mention that at the pressure on the way down, his blood would boil if he were not wearing the specially pressurised suit. Were we going to see this man plummet to his untimely death? 

And then I took to twitter. And there, as Felix hurtled himself out of the precarious manmade capsule miles and miles up in the sky, I watched as the jokes started and the journalists attempted to asscertain the validity of the twitter account that was being used to send tweets from outer space. The enormity of what this man had done hit home with everyone. 

This was one of those times. This was momentous. This was to be "shared". And so, I posted it on my wall, on my sister's wall, became involved in the conversation on twitter and commended Red Bull on what can only be described as a ridiculously effective marketing campaign. I wonder if he was asked the question in the press conference: "So, did you have a can of red bull before you jumped from the edge of earth then?" If he did, I fear he may not be alive today.

The name Felix Baumgartner is now synonymous with space, hero antics and Red Bull, and even Lego?

Looking forward to the next stratospheric marketing campaign. Bring it on!