Woodland adventures: Stumbling across toadstools, mushrooms and maple leaves

A golden mushroom that appeared out of nowhere | Cloudberry Lane

I know little, if anything about mushrooms. But, I love them. I love how they taste when softly baked or smothered in butter. I don't usually think about where the come from, how they grow and how they crumble into nothingness if they are left alone. They are quite simply fascinating creatures.  

Fire red Japanese Maple tree | Cloudberry Lane

Nestled underneath maple trees and cloths of colour, the mushrooms and toadstools grow into a magnificent form. 

Toadstools standing leaning against walls | Cloudberry Lane

 Standing amongst moss, grass and leaning against walls - they demand attention. 

Autumn brings out the most amazing colours | Cloudberry Lane

Fire red leaves fall to the ground, creating a blaze of glory in green.

Mushrooms hiding in pine needles | Cloudberry Lane

 Pine needles make a perfect home for those I dare not eat.

Mellow in twilight before becoming an illusion | Cloudberry Lane

Mellow in twilight, before becoming an illusion.

Mushrooms and toadstools | Cloudberry Lane

Mushrooms and toadstools: I've never seen so many of you standing to attention on my doorstep. Perhaps I never will again. You made me smile.