Creating textile art for an exhibition

Stitching pieces of linen together for a textile art piece | Cloudberry Lane 

Once I start to work on a project I really love, I just let the ideas flow. I had a week or so to turn out a piece for a textile art exhibition and I'm so glad that, despite the huge workload, I really went for it and got it done.

I've put together three patchwork quilts before, a baby quilt as a christening gift and I've done numerous D.I.Y projects but this was the first time that I decided to exhibit.

Once I commit to do something, I really do it. And this was another goal to add to the long list in November but somehow, having the added workload and a long list of achievements during the month meant that I was able to do it speedily and well (enough). It's not perfect of course, there were things that I learnt along the way (like attempting to make the piece fit the frame and actually look good in it is a little bit more complex than I had originally thought! 

Stitching net over linen for my exhibition piece - Nothing is Straightforward | Cloudberry Lane

I was stitching away at lightening speed into the early hours but it was comforting to know that it was done and ready to be brought into hang up the following morning. 

I called the piece Nothing is Straightforward, and layered patches of calico, netting, and lace on top of each other to create a view of a city with buildings layered on top of each other. Of course, they are not as they seem. They are complex, often times frayed at the edges, battered and bruised by the motion of the city but yet brought together by the continuous rhythm that pounds through the metropolis. A rhythm, a pattern of rhyme. You really can feel the beat.

Finished piece titled " Nothing is Straightforward " | Cloudberry Lane

The exhibition, "Feel the Beat" by the Cork Textile Network, featured textile artists such as Frances Leach, Jenny Monks and Anne Kiely as well as my teacher, muse, mentor and mum, Carol Cave. It took place after I had been recording a focus group for the afternoon and attending my last Consumer Behaviour class so I ended up traipsing through town with my tripod in tow! I guess, nothing is ever straightforward