Farmers markets around the world

Strawberry stall at a market in Provence |  Cloudberry Lane

I just love love love farmers markets! I always head to a market when I'm on my travels and pick up some fresh fruit or little trinkets to bring home as souvenirs or gifts. It's as much about the atmosphere as the produce though and something which differs country to country, town to town, but always unique. 


I've been to numerous markets in the South of France, including Cogalin, St. Maxime, Grimaud, Port Grimaud, St.Tropez, and also went to the Brentwood Farmers' Market in Los Angeles on my last visit there.

Raspberries, blueberries and blackberries at Brentwood Farmers Market, Los Angeles

I love getting all the fresh herbs and berries and getting to try different foods which I've never of before. I'm constantly amazed by the displays! I mean, who would have thought of showing berries off like this? In Ireland we just have these see-through containers that lay flat on a table, not exactly waiting for their photographs to be taken. But this seems somehow more photo friendly. 

Tomato stall at a farmers market in Provence

And have you ever tried a fresh market tomato? I love making a salad after spending the morning at a market, maybe a basil, tomato and mozzarella salad... simply delicious. 

I say all this, but not forgetting that we have some of the best Farmers' Markets right here in Ireland, and indeed in Cork. Luckily, both Mahon and Douglas Markets are within easy reach and whenever i'm in town I love to drop in to the English Market and have a little look around (ok, so you've got me. I head straight to the olive stall!) I've also been cooking a lot more Asian food lately and love how you can get almost any ingredient there some place. Plus, the wool store is right next door. It's win win!