Favourite Place: Neal's Yard, Covent Garden, London

Neal's Yard, Covent Garden

This is by far one of my favourite places. Any time I went shopping in London I would find a few moments to catch my breath here amidst the chaos. Don't you just love the colour? It seriously brightens up your day. There used to be a cute little vegetarian cafe upstairs in one of the buildings, I'm not too sure if it's still there. They used to serve veggie world cuisine which in my mind, as a long-time vegetarian, totally awesome. 

It also feels like it's hidden, off the beaten track a little bit even though every one knows about it! You can get wonderful fresh juices and yummy food in Neal's Yard Salad Bar and if you fancy checking out some herbal remedies, there's a wonderful store Neal's Yard Remedies that do a number of natural remedies for different things that is fun to try out if you like wandering through places like that, as I do!

I can't even start to describe the colours so you'll just have to check out one of the most colourful spots in Covent Garden. If I go back to London for a visit this summer, I'll definitely drop by. Have you spent some time in Neal's Yard? Did you love it too?