Granny Blanket Progress

Making a really colourful granny blanket out of crochet | Cloudberry Lane


This granny blanket has taken me a lot more time than I thought it would. To be honest, I've had to push it to one side recently as I've been so busy with other projects and commitments but I'm really keen to get stuck back into it once I've handed in my next project for college tomorrow (eek!).

I'm pretty happy so far with the colours, I've tried to stick to these colours and am putting a lot of turquoise in here because it's my mum's favourite colour. It doesn't look all that turquoise in the photo above though...


I told myself that I'd manage to get one square done a day. It was really great to focus on doing just one. If  I managed to do that, it felt great - like I was achieving what I set out to do. If I ended up doing two or three then even better, I was making sure that I'd have some done for the days ahead if things got too busy.

I'm so psyched to see how this will turn out. I've decided that I'm going to stitch all the squares together with the grey/silver wool and although I haven't quite figured out how to do that yet, I'm pretty sure that it'll tie in all the colours well together.

Initially this granny blanket started out as a lap quilt, but now it's becoming a full on bed blanket! I'll be sure to keep taking photos of the project as it progresses so watch this space for some more posts and tutorials.

Happy stitching!