Planning a vegetable garden

Planning a vegetable garden | Cloudberry Lane

So, it's time to start planning a veggie garden. All I have at the moment is this little basil plant and I'm so so excited to start thinking about other types of herbs and vegetables that I can plant up. 

I planted up some rocket and lettuce in some grow bags a couple of years ago and it went really well for the first month or so. But after getting accustomed to the lush taste of the fresh leaves, which taste totally different than what you would get in the shop, I got over ambitious and planted beetroot, radishes, leeks and carrots. Big, big mistake! Before long, all of my veggies were taken over with flies that ate the roots and killed all of my plants from the bottom up.

Then I discovered that it was probably carrot fly and I learnt that the only way to make sure that these bugs disappear from your garden is to destroy the soil. And you definitely wouldn't have any luck with any other vegetables in those grow bags. No more fresh rocket for me that summer, sigh. 

This year I'm thinking of rocket, lettuce, swiss chard, kale and I'd love to grow some broad beans and peas. I've also heard that potatoes are pretty easy to grow, unless we have another horrid summer of course, so they might be a good option.

Currently reading up about raised beds, so they'll be easy to maintain and getting lots of ideas from Pinterest. Excited about making this.... hopefully there'll be a bit of progress to report over the next couple of weeks.

Until then, it'll be back to the supermarket to get the veggies. I'd love any suggestions of what I should grow, leave a comment below if you've any ideas.