Magic and Yoga in Beautiful Bali

Magic and Yoga in Beautiful Bali

Sometimes, it's good to turn back time, and today I feel like taking you all to beautiful Bali where I spent the last month of my trip around South East Asia in 2010. Without a doubt, it was a highlight of my journey. 


In stark contrast to the environment back home, I’m in Bali now and I’m completely shocked by how much I love it. I’m not too sure what i was expecting but it seems to have surpassed the little that i did think it would be. Just so you all know, I’m now living in the jungle. It’s in a little village called Bedulu, although I’m almost certain that there is another name for the tiny little village that we’re actually in, but the terms are used loosely over here and i have a tendency to forget the local Indonesian place names. We arrived after a really nice Singapore Airlines flight from the luscious Singapore, which is another story to tell but i shall wait until later!and soon figured out that we had to fork out another 25 US dollars for a visa – or sorry, it’s not actually a visa but just the stamp on your passport…. a real joke but it kind of said in a strange way ‘welcome to Indonesia! have a nice stay! 


I had a little bit of a hassle trying to find an indonesian sim card to put into my phone so that we could call our landlord, and arrange to meet him so that we could get into our new house, our long awaited living quarters for the next month. Aptly named “the house between two rivers”, our new home is perched on the side of a valley overlooking dense jungle and behind the house are freshwater pools where people grow numerous water lilies and other tropical flowers. I think there’s also loads of fish in there – a constant supply for the locals.

Inside, it is full of antique furniture, most of which was covered with a thick layer of dust upon our arrival. We’ve adopted the word “rustic” for it. The living room is actually outdoors, as are the two rooms upstairs… with my room having the lovely toilet attached and it has only blinds to shut it out from outside, if even that. There are no windows.. and it is all open.

The shower is outside, which is bizarre.. and there is a solar panel which heats up the water, so for the most part, because it has been very cloudy here in Bali since we arrived, i’ve been told on account of the volcano eruptions in Java, we haven’t actually managed to avail of this so called “hot water” but i’m sure we will soon. Putting aside the copious mosquito bites which i have managed to acquire in the last couple of days, this is by far the most culturally enriching part of my trip. I tried to learn how to ride a scooter yesterday morning, thinking that because i was a wholly capable in the car i would have no problems riding a motorised bike. I was wrong, very very wrong. I looked hilarious and the word must have spread because a group of young local children gathered to laugh at me! of course, they lost interest after a while, but it was great fun to see their faces.


I’ve spent the last couple of days here in the house by myself and i’ve met many of our neighbours, laughed with them and their children and took part in Hindu festivities. Today i went on a temple hunt, and ate sticky rice and drank Balinese coffee at the house of a friend of Suhadi’s in the village. You can’t make up these kinds of experiences. As i write, it’s pitch black, with only the moon giving me light to write this. I can hear waterfalls and crickets, many other unidentified creatures, including apparently a very cute monkey, geckos, a beautiful parrot like bird, lizards and hopefully NOT snakes. We are now trying to be at one with nature.

This is where we will spend Christmas and the new Year – with our old and new friends, in the middle of nowhere on a magical island called Bali.