Capturing Prayer and Reflecting in Bali

Capturing prayer and reflecting in Bali, Indonesia | Cloudberry Lane

I was trying to think of the best possible picture that I could show you all this week, and I'm not sure if this is it. But I do love this photo and all of the memories of a wonderful day snapping these special moments when I was in Bali a couple of years back. 

This was one of those moments that you felt you shouldn't be capturing, like it was such a personal space of prayer that you were intruding upon. But, I was encouraged to take the photos and did ask permission to do so. And, I'm so glad that I did. My photos from the adventure of that day are some of my favourites from my trip and really encapsulate what Bali means to me. 

It's that breathing space. That space to take time out and reflect, but also to feel encouraged and do things that you wouldn't normally feel comfortable doing. 

Hope you like it too!