Getting back into a routine

Getting back into a routine after dengue fever and post viral fatigue 


Getting back into a routine is pretty difficult if you've been out of it for a while. For me, it was time I spent with my Post Viral Fatigue that really messed up my routine. Even if you had every intention of doing something, it was your body, as opposed to your brain, that determined whether or not you would get it done.


A little bit of volunteering got me back into the world of work, and then the opportunity to go onto the Creative and Digital Marketing course gave me a focus and forced me to observe a routine of attending lectures. While initially it was exhausting to be back in academia, it soon became a comfort zone where I enjoyed learning again and feeling like I was good at something.

I threw myself into designing this blog, I jumped right back into Twitterland. I spent hours learning how best to SEO a website and loved that while I was pinning pretty pictures to Pinterest, I was also building my employable skills.


Routine is key. Waking up early is vital. Feeling like you got a decent days work done as every sunset approaches is so important but sticking to the routine can be tough going, especially when life throws a curveball at you every now and again. But, adapting to these and attempting to overcome them, knowing that you can overcome them is what gives you strength and enables you to deal with all the other challenges that come your way.

In the next couple of months, as this routine of college comes to an end, I will embark upon new, exciting chapters and look back on this experience as wholly worthy of my time and energy, every last bit of it. 

Have a great day all!