Hello May

Hello May 2013

Hello May!

I'm so excited for this month.

I'm hoping that it will bring my mum home from the hospital.  I'm excited to start a veggie patch and plant fresh lettuce, rocket, tomatoes.

I'll make bread, get my exams out of the way, watch the rhodos come into bloom, get some natural Vitamin D, hello sunshine!

There will be things to celebrate, things to be hopeful for.

This month, I will be drinking green lemonade every day. I bought a kilner jar to store it in so I don't have to make it every day and I know that this will make my body feel better. 

May is for detox, and yoga and walking in the sunshine. 

I'm going to get even more inventive with my cooking and will continue to experiment with Plenty, my new Ottolenghi cookbookLoving it! 

I'll be working on National Vegetarian Week 2013 campaign, which will take place from 3 to 9 June. You'll find me tweeting about it @IrishVegWeek and pinning wonderful vegetarian meal ideas on Pinterest.

Of course, i'll still be tweeting and typing on this here blog and drinking lots of tea, herbal tea - the detox kind. 

I have a huge goal of picking up a book which is staring at me from my bookshelf and actually read it the whole way through. Hip hip horray. Let's make this happen. 

Here's to never putting off what you can do today, for this month at least!