A hidden gem on a journey, Melaka

Melaka, oh Melaka. What an experience.

Apparently the cuisine in Melaka is to die for but holds a big sign "not suitable for vegetarians".  There were actually people queueing up outside one restaurant to get to taste the Malay food while I had to resort to eating pizza and veggie sushi. But, it was the first time I'd ever had sushi. Plus, plus. 

But, Melaka was awesome despite it. 

Outrageously kitsch, the trishaws are all lined up and blasted out 80s music. What an experience!

I never tried the durian but really should have! They make Durian Cendol, a lemonade with one of the smelliest fruits in the world. 

It's one of those places that is oozing with personality and colour. Everywhere there is something else to photograph and if you're into that you'll definitely be snap happy here.


  • When you get to Melaka, make sure to put on your shoes and start walking around 
  • Try a Durian Cendol - I never did and really regret it
  • Take your camera with you, this place is colour central
  • Take a ride on the crazy Tuk Tuks! 
  • The Equatorial Hotel was well located, clean and the room had an awesome window seat with an amazing view of the harbour which equals an impressive sunrise and sunset. 
  • There are a million museums in Melaka, making much of it very touristy. Avoid! Spend your time looking through the colourful shops, queuing up for that outrageous food and chatting with the locals. You won't regret it.