Celebrating the every day

It's been a while in the works, and has moved from going in one direction to the complete opposite.

Since I started my own business towards the end of last year, I knew that my website would no longer be a space where I could blog about the things that I love. The space seemed somewhat closed off to me - juggling the creative blog with the formal side of a business just wasn't working. 

And then I was thinking that I needed to approach it as if I were a client myself.  If I were a client I would let myself go where I wanted to go, but I would advise them to have another space. 

Once I'd made that decision, the rest was easy. The typography, the design, setting all of the extras up. It was time, time for Cloudberry Lane to appear. 

Cloudberry Lane is a fictional place born out of a love for the poem Cloudberries by Michael Longley and the memory of eating a cloudberry pie in Algonquin National Park, Canada, while on holidays as a child.

Cloudberry Lane is now a space in the clouds of the internet, forging its own identity, slowly but surely. A place where you can come to find inspiration, vegetarian recipes and share in creativity. 

This space is a lifestyle blog. But I find that label awkward and the fact that you are somehow encouraged to label your creative space also has me feeling a little uneasy. I'm not going to be sharing a lifestyle that I think is amazing, or one that you should. Instead it will be the life that I live, in all its ordinary and unusual moments. 

Cloudberry Lane is here and it's going to get good.  I'll be posting on vegetarian recipes DIY, travel tips from places I've been and a series of inspirational quotes. You can follow along easily via email or my personal favourite Bloglovin. I can't wait to share this adventure with you.