Hello, April

Hello, April 2014 | Cloudberry Lane

Hello, April. You're already here.

Enjoying the sunshine, wherever it may be. 

Laughing at the little cat that has come into our lives, 

Hoping for travel adventures in the near future, 

Planning on growing this business of mine, 

Getting lost in a world of inspirational posts,

Walking through woods on rainy days,

Creating blog posts, 

Trying my best to blog consistently, 

Making something awesome with wool, 

Finishing a rebel county coloured quilt, 

Planning on making the most of each day, 

Watching the new series of Mad Men, 

Smelling the roses...err.. I mean camellias,

Hello, April. You're going to be awesome. 

This post is part of a blogging feature that I started last year celebrating each month. I hope to continue this as I try to blog my way through 2014. If you're curious, you can read last year's Hello April here