learning the art of flower arranging

Step One: Roses and Coronations

Life is so much better when your home is brightened up with flowers. How pretty are these roses?! I just had to do something with them. But, learning the art of flower arranging is far from easy. As it turns out, you have to step back and plan because a random "I think this will work out", probably won't.


Firstly, I got the oasis and holder together. I put the greenery in place, in this case I used holly. Hint: Make sure you keep turning your arrangement around so that you get an even spread.

Then I started trying to be creative and putting in the colourful roses. Then the coronations. 

I kept building it up, I probably should have made it all the same height so it looked neater and a bit more professional!

And voila! Here is the finished arrangement! Could I have done with a bit more greenery? Some more of those pretty roses? Of course, but there's a first time for everything. This was definitely a little bit harder than I thought. When I do this again, I'l be placing the flowers closer together, using a smaller holder and make sure that all of the flowers are showing out at the same height.  

Still, I've got to say - it sure was pretty!