on blogging: the last of the summer roses

last of the summer roses

The summer is over and I've no idea where it went. This year, it was beautifully warm. Many days were spent outside in the sunshine, echoing last year's days in the garden. We finally saw blue skies on a daily basis. It involved a most spectacular wedding, a trip to London town and a lot of hard work. And now it's autumn and I'm still not sure how we got here. 

It's been nice to have a break from blogging, to reevaluate exactly what it is that I want to use this space for. When it is your job to stare at a computer screen all day, it's a little difficult to allow yourself the time in the evenings to stare at it even longer. You can get caught in that trap easily, completely unaware that there is life outside. Life seems to be like that - you always avoid doing at home what you do for a job. Especially if you're not entirely convinced of the space. 

I've pondered over this space and what it should be. I guess that part of blogging or writing is the flux that you find yourself in. Sometimes, trying to emulate all of the things that you find inspiring around you can become overwhelming. Better to focus on one thing at a time and get it done. So that's where I've been - working away at growing my business, working hard. Getting my eight hours sleep a night. Hoping to add back in the layers of life one step at a time.

Some think that taking a break from blogging means that you shouldn't be doing it. I've heard many bloggers say that if you can't be consistent with your posts then what are you doing it for... others that you should only write if you have something important to say. Don't waffle, nobody likes waffling. Of course, I'd love to be that way. But that's not really me - I like to ramble occasionally and that should be ok.  Perhaps someday I will embrace all of these rules. But, for the moment I'm prioritising other things like taking a walk outside, looking at the pretty colours in the garden, feeling the wind blowing against my face, watching the trees sway and even smelling the roses.

And perhaps the thought that this doesn't have to be everything will leave me the creative space to breath.