Coffee, typing and tweeting

Coffee, Typing, Tweeting

This week has been busy, actually it's been hectic! But, it's all about the coffee, typing and tweeting. I'm so excited to have got to this stage in my course! I've handed in all of my group projects and now it's totally up to me. I am writing as much as possible on this blog, having set-up my own WordPress account and hosting, and now that I have figured out exactly what i'm doing I think I've really found a niche in which I will be employable and love the work I do. 

I'm not sure where I'll end up, I'm really loving the charity work that i'm doing at the moment for my client project so I can imagine that it might be an area in which I can see myself in the future. But, I just love the idea of doing online digital marketing for a variety of clients and continuing to build up my portfolio. At the moment, I'm confident that I can SEO websites, create and implement digital marketing plans as well as all that goes with the more traditional marketing/communications roles. 

I'm constantly surprised by how much my interests, such as social media - Twitter/Instagram/Facebook, photography and writing, are overlapping with my career options and that there are ways that I can actually benefit from the computer and photography skills that I have build up over the years when it was only my hobby. I can actually transform and use my hobbies in the workplace. Now that is seriously exciting. 

I finish up my Creative and Digital Marketing course in UCC in May, and can't wait to see all of the possibilities that await me.