How can you slow down when you constantly need to speed up?

If I have learnt anything over the last couple of years, it's that life goes by way too fast.

I know that I'm probably not the only one to say this, but in a world of Netflix (as awesome as it is), being constantly contactable and endlessly scrolling through news feeds on your phone, I feel like you reach a point where you just think enough is enough. I have to do something about it. 

This is difficult for me, and something which I struggle with. My job as Online Project Manager means that I'm tied to the web. It's my livelihood and I love it. But when your work blends with your life outside of work, you have to figure out a way to disconnect. To stop thinking about it. 

Delete the Facebook app from your phone

Do you even realise how much time you're spending scrolling through posts that your friends friends have liked that you have absolutely no interest in?! Too much time. Delete the app and you can always check it daily at a computer - the feed seems to be a little bit more tailored there. Over Christmas, I deleted the gmail app from my phone. I mean, completely deleted it, not just shut accounts off it. And it was brilliant. I need to do this again. Soon! 

Create Facebook lists

Facebook has become an endless list of, mostly rubbish news. So much so that most of the info we're now seeing is outside of our friends network. It's certainly lost its charm. One way to try and limit the amount of rubbish posts you see in your feed is to create lists so that you'll only see posts from the few family members/ friends that you're actually interested in. Filtering the noise so to speak.

Move apps into a folder on your phone

If you find yourself constantly on an app, consider moving it into a hidden folder in your phone. You'll be less likely to click into it and you'll soon find yourself thinking about other ways to spend your time. 

Consider only calling friends

In the era of texting, and then messaging. We're almost becoming too contactable, too readily available. I have to admit that I miss picking up the phones to friends, hearing their voices and inflections.

Move to reading a book

Focusing on reading a novel, or one thing without visual distractions is something that I'm working towards! Not there yet, but that's the goal. No blue lights, no lovely images, no scrolling - just back to the turning of crisp pages that I grew up with. So excited to start putting away my phone and picking up one of my unread books on the bookshelf! 

Here's hoping !