the misfortune of the Canon 300d

This is a story of a camera. A camera that has been with me since my early twenties. As far as cameras go, it's not that old (or maybe it is) but it still takes brilliant photos. The only jarring thing about it was the fact that all of my memory cards for it was 1 GB max and when you're shooting in RAW, you can only get in about 1+ photos or so before the card is full! Sigh. And it takes ages to load the photos onto the computer. But hey, it was an oldie and a goodie and I loved it. I still love it, it hasn't died on me - yet!

It's been on a road trip around Ireland; it's seen the Giant's Causeway, dangled from my neck as I crossed the swaying Carrick on Suir Rope Bridge. It's been weathered on beaches and laid calmly near campfires. It's been there through my parties in London and on day trips around numerous cities. It's seen the insides of old and new buildings, galleries and exhibitions. 

And then, it turned out that it wasn't supported by Canon anymore. My heart sunk. I needed to find a way to make this camera live. Cue endless Google searching...

I didn't really find any answer that made sense - it said to reformat the card but then I'd lose all of the images I was just after taking. But then I stumbled across the answer -buy a card reader.  How oh how did I do without it for all of these years. The speed, it's amazing!

Disclaimer: The above camera is not a Canon 300d!