Five top tips for going on a digital detox

Digital Detox

You don't need to go into a jungle to detox from your phone and social media apps and you don't need to go on a 10 day mindfulness trip that costs a fortune. You do have to put your phone away and go back to relying on other forms of amusement. 

1. Pick up a book

If, like me, you work on a computer all day everyday - the last thing you want to do is be in front of a screen outside of work, but inevitably we are! Getting back to the good old days of turning off the laptop and picking up a good book can really help switch off! 

2. Disconnect from Netflix

Time to go cold turkey? Quit your Netflix account, even just for a little while will make you realise that you can do without it. You can always sign up again if you really miss it! 

3. Get out your old CDS and vinyl

Have a stash of old CDs or vinyl that's been sitting in a corner of a room for the last decade? Pop on some music and let yourself listen to a full collection of an artist. Get back into those old tunes you used to love, it will ground you and free your mind from the chaos the digital world. 

4. Delete apps from your phone

For a full-on digital detox while you're on annual leave, be sure to delete any work related apps from your phone. You can always reinstall them once you return but at least you won't be getting work related notifications that you then have to choose to ignore.

5. Set time limits on your phone notifications

Let's face it, many of us rely on using apps on our phones for work-related activities - I'm thinking gmail, invision, slack, etc. If  you are not in a position to delete apps from your phone, make sure that you set them to snooze or do not disturb outside of work hours to avoid getting back into work mode too soon. Time off is a much needed part of being sure you're fully switched on in the office! 


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